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What is Rate Reset?

  • Technology that Empowers Members to Reset Their Existing Loan Electronically
  • Software that Automates Loan Retention
  • Protect on Cost and Hassle of Refinancing in the Future
  • Feature of a Loan…Not a New Loan

Loan Acquisition, Retention & Reset Technology

  • Attract and Retain Members
  • Compete More Effectively
  • Reduce Runoff/Churn
  • Increase Retention & Profitability

Reset Solutions

Reset Solutions

Reset term or rate, recast adjustable rate mortgage, change credit card terms, balance transfer support and Certificate of Deposit renewal.

Digital Pre-Approval Solutions

Pre-Approval Solutions

Digital solutions to capture member business through pre-approved offers.

LoanGEN Solutions

LoanGEN Solutions

Digital solutions for the members to compare financial products they have elsewhere with credit union offers and links to the application process.

More information for Reset Solutions…

Reset Auto
  • Members reduce their monthly auto payment by extending the term
  • Extend auto term to reduce payment
  • Lower auto term for quicker payoff
  • Extend auto term and take cash out
  • Eliminates front line staff from refinancing loans
  • Allows members to control the process
  • Minimum risk because you are in control of the offer
Reset Mortgage
  • Members reduce or modify their monthly mortgage payment by resetting their ARM rate
  • Zero back office cost
  • No loan officer
  • No processor
  • No underwriter
  • No closing
  • No post closing
  • Close in only one minute
  • Offer member another fixed period on 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 ARMs
  • Respond to a pre-payment trigger with a special offer
  • Ability to actually manage your ARM portfolio
  • Eliminates risk on an ARM
  • Reduces FASB-91 adjustments
Reset Credit Card
  • Allows the member to transact a balance transfer digitally
  • Saying “thank you” by offering a line increase
  • Offer a student an “adult” credit card
  • Engages the member with opportunity to show other products

More information for Pre-Approval Solutions…

Digital Pre-Approval Credit Card
  • Offer a member a pre-approved credit card
  • Attractive to “Click it” or “Don’t do it” members who will only do transactions online
  • Will improve the effectiveness of pre-approval campaigns
  • Target member loans at other institutions
Digital Pre-Approval Auto Recapture
  • Provides a digital solution to recapture an auto loan at another institution
  • Upsell insurance
  • Execute all necessary e-sign documents to make transfer
  • Can be sent in reaction to a trigger event
  • Digital Pre-Approval HELOC
    • Offer a member a new HELOC
    • Offer a member an extension on a maturing HELOC
    • Electronically gather income and assets if needed
    • Provide member with options
    • Execute the e-sign documents
    Digital Pre-Approval Personal Loan
    • Offer a member a new loan or recapture loan at other institution
    • Electronically gather income and assets if needed
    • Provide member with options
    • Execute the e-sign documents
    Digital New CD
    • Allow members to pick their own term and interest rate
    • Expand member relationship with special Offers

    Over 68.7% of members that opened the “P” URL opened a new credit card during ACU’s pilot roll-out (April, 2017)

    More information for LoanGEN Solutions…

    • Recapture member loans
    • Members reduce their monthly auto and mortgage payments and move their loan from their current financial institution to yours
    • Demonstrates the credit union difference

    How CU RateReset solutions work:

    • Credit Union identifies the member or members who will be provided an offer to reset a loan, receive a digital pre-approval, or get a special offer from the credit union
    • The member information is transmitted by the credit union to CU RateReset which converts data into an individual personal URL (PURL) and a MEO (Member Exclusive Offer) code
    • The PURL or MEO code is embedded in traditional mail, email, secure email, text message or social media by the credit union– depending on how the credit union communicates with its members
    • The member clicks on the encrypted PURL or goes to the credit union website and enters the MEO Code, and and enters into a personalized digital experience where they are offered choices and can close the entire transaction in minutes on their own
    • Completed forms and selections are transmitted to the credit union and either a fully integrated update of the member file is completed digitally, or the credit union staff manually update the information – credit union choice.

    Why Join?

    Digital transformation is occurring at a rapid pace within the financial services market, and credit unions are not immune from the demands of consumers created by the digital solution experience introduced to them through media advertising and social media support.

    Joining the CU RateReset family of credit unions provides credit unions with proven, award winning digital solutions to reset, retain, recapture and originate mortgage and consumer loans. Our credit unions are committed to enhancing the credit union difference, and evolving digital solutions to assure relevance in the marketplace.

    CU RateReset has tools that are easy to deploy solutions that make a difference, and a credit union can accelerate their digital transformation at an affordable cost, with profound results.


    testimonial_quoteKeep up the great work for we know at ACU, your business model most likely will be the life line to our business survival!

    – Ken Leonard, CEO at ACU


    testimonial_quoteRate Reset is a leader in automated retention and acquisition software with innovative technology for financial institutions. PenFed Credit Union has been partnering with Rate Reset since 2013, with their software residing on our platform. Rate Reset’s technology provides our members with such a streamlined process, in some cases members can modify their loans with terms they choose as quickly as 60 seconds.

    – James Schenck, President and CEO, PenFed Credit Union $20 billion assets


    testimonial_quoteFSU Credit Union launched the Rate Reset and LoanGEN products in late 2015 in an effort to continue providing the most complete lending experience to our membership. The Rate Reset team provided consistent timely advice and direction which allowed implementation on a tight deadline. The credit union has already served enough members to more than cover the initial outlay after just a few months of being live.

    – C. Adcock, EVP, FSU Credit Union


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