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Azure and Microsoft Datacenters AT 101 SOC 2 Type II Report Year 2016-2.pdfAzure and Microsoft Datacenters SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II Report Year 2016

Castlegarde Reports (directory)

  • 2017 Rate Reset – Review and Assessment.pdf
  • 2017MAY_WEVAPT_Rate Reset.pdf

CU RateReset 2016 Audited Financials- Final.pdf

CU RateReset Cert 2017.pdf

CU RateReset Corporate Policies October 2017  (directory)

  • CURR_New Hire Form.pdf
  • CURR_Record Retention Policy-Attachment A Record Retention Limits 1.pdf
  • CURR_Record Retention Policy-Attachment B.pdf
  • CURR_Record Retention Policy-Attachment C Destroyed Records Log.pdf
  • CURR_Record Retention Policy-Attachment D Records Preservation Log.pdf
  • CURR_Record Retention.pdf
  • CURR_Succession Planning.pdf
  • CURR_Vendor Management.pdf
  • CURR_Business Resumption Policy.pdf
  • CURR_Change Control Policy.pdf
  • CURR_Disaster Recovery Policy.pdf
  • CURR_Incident Response Log_Attachment A.pdf
  • CURR_Incident Response Policy.pdf
  • CURR_Information Sensitivity Policy.pdf
  • CURR_Passwords Policy.pdf
  • CURR_Physical Security Policy.pdf
  • CURR_Public Website Management.pdf
  • CURR_Remote Access and Telecommuting Policy.pdf
  • CURR_Request For Personally Mobile Device Use_Attachment A.pdf
  • CURR_Risk Assessment Policy.pdf
  • CURR_System Hardening.pdf
  • CURR-Software Management Policy.pdf

CU RateReset IT Policies October 2017 (directory)

  • CURR_ Information Security Policy.pdf
  • CURR_ Mobile Device Management Policy.pdf
  • CURR_Acceptable Use Policy.pdf
  • CURR_Anti-Virus_Policy.pdf
  • CURR_Audit Policy.pdf

CU RateReset References 2018.pdf

CU RateReset W9.pdf

CURateReset Due Diligence Questions December 2017.pdf

Kerxton Insurance Policy 2016.pdf

TheLifeOfTheRateResetPURL_Jan2017 with BC edits 05192017.docx


Due Diligence Package (4 downloads)